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Amy's Dream Club is an exciting new initiative that Worldwide Heart to Heart is taking on.  The Honduras Child Protective services told WWH2H and all other orphanages they they will no longer be placing at-risk children in any orphanage (either state-run or private).   


Over a year ago, Amy, along with the board began praying for God to show us how to do this in spite of the government decision.  Amy’s Dream Club was God’s answer to us of how to help the children He sent us here to help.  So, in faith believing, and with deep prayer about this that has gone on all last year, we are moving forward as God leads to help children where they live. 

We are taking the mission of Worldwide Heart to Heart directly to the kids that need it and will:

1.  Help them with food

2.  Take them to the Doctor and the Dentist

3.  Teach them about Jesus

4.  Show and give them lots of love.

Below are the kids that we are asking you to help us sponsor so we can provide!

Coming soon!