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Our Work

Our primary goal is to raise the children that God has given to us, to help them become responsible adults who love Jesus and live as productive citizens.   We provide a loving, Christ-centered environment where we aim to give the children a great education and a foundation for the future.

The Children’s Village is located approximately 50 miles south of Puerto Cortes where we are currently raising over 70 children.   Over the last 25 years our ministry, which includes many outreach programs, has helped feed, educate, clothe and house thousands of children in Honduras.  We've also cumulatively rescued and raised, in part or in whole, over 150 children. 
On the 8-acre property, there are separate facilities for our boys, girls and toddlers/babies.

On the property we have many fun areas for the kids, including soccer fields, a basketball court, a swim pool and two playgrounds.

Each of the homes have “mommies” that oversee the day to day life, helping the children with virtually everything. A fun fact – the village serves approximately 140,000 meals each year and does over 15,000 loads of wash.

The Children’s Village is an amazing place. For a blessing you will never forget, please come visit us sometime on one of our many teams each year from the US.

We Need Your Support Today!

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