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Our Current Needs


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We are currently raising money for backpacks loaded with school supplies for kids in desperate need.  To go to “free” public school in Honduras, a child must have a uniform, shoes, and school supplies.  Without that, they cannot attend and most poor families cannot provide this for their children. So we H2H has embarked on raising extra money to purchase 100 backpacks for the children in need.  

Will you please help?  If you donate below, we will purchase the backpack and load it with all the necessary supplies for the child and then give it to them!

Total backpacks needed

Backpacks received



Still need:


Hear about the backpack project
See some of the backpacks given to the kids

Donate Today!

Thank you for helping the underprivileged children of Honduras.  May the Lord Bless you for you efforts!
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