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Worldwide Heart to Heart Is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US and also a non-profit entity in Honduras. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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(There is no postal service in Hondruas)

Worldwide Heart to Heart is located and operated in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.   The US office helps with donations to support the ministry in Honduras.

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Our Monthly Newsletter


In the news:

Back to School (already!)

The School Bells are ringing, the kids are back in class as of August 12th, and all is well with the world!!


Our children were so ready for the first day of school. The school looks brand new with the completion of the second floor. The new desks arrived and the white boards and AC’s got installed just in time. Thank you to all of you who helped finance this!!

I am so excited, mostly for the lives that will come to know Jesus this year, but also for the new Faith in Jesus, chapel, music, science and PE/ sports programs we are offering. In fact, today at school, one of our daughters asked Jesus into her life!

Our new marching band began rehearsals in July and our H2H family has provided the talents of Cesar, Daisy, Rosibel, Norma, Osiris, Jonathan, and Gloria.  Along with students from our Spanish School, and some of our staff, we have a really great band! Our two schools will “band” together to march in the Honduras Independence Day on September 14th – all 313 of us!!! 

August 23rd was the 8th Anniversary Celebration of our schools!!  I know, who does that, but here we celebrate everything, and it is always “Go big or go home”!!... and so far we have NEVER gone home.  Both the Schools, Spanish and Bilingual, were here.  Our brand new marching band, with students from both schools, performed, and our amazing Preschool Director and School Counselor, Miss Luisa, made 350 cupcakes for all the kids, with a small cake for Oscar and me with an “8” candle on top to blow out during the ceremony.  Our H2H Worship Team made up of students, teachers and Oscar and me, led worship.  

Our new science lab is up and running under the skilled hands of our new science and PE teacher, Paul Davis.  He and his wife Jessica, who is teaching 5th grade for us, are missionaries from the US, and we have three more new teachers who show great promise.


Adventures of our Volunteers

Our “Waka”, Mikaela Gronseth, long time H2H volunteer, and mommie host to our Ilcy who goes to college in Centralia, came for the summer to help and later lead the medical team from her town.  Also, our US H2H kids, Ilcy and Luis S. came home this summer for a visit and to help with our teams and our projects.  Our Honduras college kids are home, as well.  They have helped with the final touches of the construction, building solar panels, painting, and serving as interpreters on teams. 

Three teams blessed us with help at the village, help at the school, VBS, and medical/dental brigades to  remote areas. The last week of July Keith Lee, Christine Lee, Susan Maines and Laila Sutton from Trinity United Methodist Church in Virginia came for a week of ministry to our kids as part of the Summer Camp program. As a special treat, the whole village got to go to the movies in Puerto Cortes. 

The last two days of the Centralia Northwest Pediatrics Medical/Dental team, we went “back roading” to 2 clinics in the mountains. With the team and all of us helpers, there were 25 souls.  The “road” went through rivers, straight up switchbacks, where we had to stop at each corner and back up to go forward, literally over boulders, and up-to- the-doors mud. It was gloriously amazing!!  
I got to ride inside the “burro”, as Oscar calls his truck, but most of the team rode in the back, laughing, screaming, and holding on for dear life. Oh, yeah, and we were also pulling an enclosed trailer behind us that kept breaking away and rolling back down the road. At one point we had to “borrow” a bit of barbed wire from a nearby fence to hold it on, and finally we came to a village and had it welded on. There were 3 truckloads of us and our equipment. 
I told Oscar that when Lyle and I got married we decided Motel 6 was as rough as we liked it to get for camping. He said same for Amy and him, but in their day it was Motel 8. He said our cabin at our coffee farm, where we were going to sleep that night, would maybe classify as a Motel 2 .

He hit that nail on the head!!  In fact, the switchback up to “Motel 2” was so steep and severe, that we had to leave the other two trucks and the escape-artist trailer at the bottom of the road, because only “the Burro” could make it up there. 
30 of us slept in hammocks and on the floor, and had one toilet to share that flushed with a bucket of water!! Only cold showers, and dinner was served about 10 pm. I fell asleep waiting for my turn at the shower, woke at 2:30 am and finally got in.   The next morning we headed out for the 2nd clinic in nearby Los Flores. Anyway, we had a blast and got to minister to about 1000 people. Our H2H daughters were interpreters for doctors and their patients. I got to help the dental team by painting teeth with fluoride, handing out toothpaste and toothbrushes, setting up exam trays and holding screaming littles on my lap while the dentist pulled their rotten teeth and root tips. 

Coming home, a section of the road had washed out overnight, so we had to take a detour right through the jungle, through rivers, over boulders, etc. We got back home about 6 Friday night,  showered, collapsed into bed and slept soundly for the next 8 hours!!  Would not have missed it for the world !!

In August, Megan McGowan brought a team from New York.  She is the daughter of Sue and Tom McGowan who are     graciously hosting our Francisco to go to college in New York for the second year. This was a 13-person strong VBS team who ministered to the children in Tegucigalpita, as well as our kids from Chile, and treated our family to a day at the beach, besides helping us with the first week of school.

Thank you all so much for the sacrifice you gave to be here to help and bless us, and for the joy of Jesus you brought with you!!!  


College Student Update

This school year we will have 9 college students spread across the US ranging from New York to Washington. There are also 14 going to college here in Honduras making a total of 23 of our kids in college this year! 


The number of our girls who live and go to college in San Pedro Sula has grown to 9, so they no longer fit into the tiny apartment meant for two. With a no interest loan from one of our H2H friends, we purchased an older home near the university for them to live.  It will be big enough for now, and the ensuing years, for our young women to live and study safely while they go to college. God is good all the time!! 

Sarah and Rachel graduated from Clark Community College with their Associates Degrees.  They will spend the fall fundraising with Oscar across the US, and will return to the states in January to continue their education.

Ilcy lives and goes to college in Centralia WA, is doing well in her grades, and is on the school soccer team.

Daniel Manzanarez, who has worked, prayed and waited for over 2 years, has been accepted into the Missionary Pilot Training program at Moody Bible College in Spokane and began his classes last week.  We are so happy for him!!

Francisco is in New York and has done well in his studies.  He has a scholarship to continue in September and is on the college soccer team.

Lesly is in Wisconsin and is doing well and continuing college there.

Alexis is now in his 3rd Quarter at Bellevue College, is getting straight A's and is also the college soccer team.

With God’s help, Luis Gustavo Rodriguez, will be enrolling in January at Centralia Community College, to begin his studies in the US.

In addition, there are 14 more of our kids continuing or beginning higher education here in Honduras: Susanna, Wendy, Marisol, Reina, Genesis, Belkis, Katherine, Olga, Elena, Julio, Nelson, Adonis, Cristofer, and Jehovany.  Many of the kids work for us while going to school. 

When God created this amazing LARGE family of H2H, we had no idea where He was going with it, but now we are beginning to see the big picture as He leads them out into the world to be His hands and feet to others.  


Please continue to keep all of them and all of us in your prayers for His perfect will!!

Introducing Amy's Dream Club

Amy's Dream Club is an exciting new initiative that Worldwide Heart to Heart is taking on.  The Honduras Child Protective services told WWH2H and all other orphanages they they will no longer be placing at-risk children in any orphanage (either state-run or private).   


Over a year ago, Amy, along with the board, began praying for God to show us how to do this in spite of the government decision.  Amy’s Dream Club was God’s answer to us of how to help the children He sent us here to help.  So, in faith believing, and with deep prayer about this that has gone on all last year, we are moving forward as God leads to help children where they live. 

As part of Amy's dream club, we are excited to introduce you to the newest members of our H2H family.  These are kids at risk in the community of Chile (chee-lay) who live at the local garbage dump. Over a year ago, in January 2018, DINAF (child protection services in Honduras) told us they will no longer be placing at risk children in either state-run orphanages OR private ones. Their plan is to send at-risk kids back to the families - if they have them - who placed them at-risk in the first place. We realize how foolish this sounds, but one thing we do at H2H is follow the law of the land, as God instructs us to do in His Word. H2H was sent here for the express purpose of rescuing, raising and restoring these very children.


Over a year ago, with Amy, we began praying for God to show us how to continue to do this, in spite of the DINAF decision. In February 2019, about six weeks after she went home to be with Jesus, “Amy’s Dream Club” was God’s answer to us of how we can help more of the children He sent us here to help. 


So, in faith and with deep prayer, we are moving forward as God leads to help children where they live. None of this has been done lightly, or without counting the cost, but God is in charge, not us. He always has and will continue to open new avenues of blessings for the things He wants done in this, His ministry, including reaching new sponsors for these children. We will always give anyone who is touched by the Holy Spirit to help us, the opportunity to receive the blessing of being able to give. Giving should never be a burden, but a joy, especially when it is using one’s gifts, prayers and/or finances to bless others in obedience to our Father. The new H2H children via “Amy’s Dream Club”, are just like all the other children who have needed rescuing, raising and restoring. Within the law, we will move to do this as God directs and provides. Please pray and consider sponsoring one or more of our new kids with a $30 per month donation that will help provide food, clothing, medical and dental care, school supplies, and most importantly, the opportunity to come to know the love of Jesus and to accept Him into their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior.

Over the last 4 months, H2H Worship and our medical/dental folks have gone to Chile to minister to our new kids. We have had the new children come to our church for an event. Our kids had been asking and asking when they were going to get to meet their new brothers and sisters, so this month we brought them all to the Village for a picnic and swim party. It was wonderful!

Over the next few weeks, we will begin putting pictures of each new child on the website so you can pray for them and even consider sponsoring them individually.  


For now, we ask that you prayerfully consider donating to the general fund so we can support this amazing initiative.  Thank you!


2019 Fall Banquet - Save the date

November 2, 2019


6:30pm - 9:30pm


Our annual Worldwide Heart to Heart banquet is just around the corner.  This is a chance to hear about our mission, new efforts in 2020 and an opportunity to come along side of H2H and donate to our efforts. 


We are changing the world and we would love for your to join us!


Red Lion Hotel on the River, Portland, OR  97217


Please RSVP to host a table or attend




September Birthdays

Here are the kids who celebrated birthdays this month.   Would you take a moment and consider praying for them, writing a letter, or even sending them a birthday card?   They would greatly appreciate it!


Christmas is coming - we need you!

This Christmas our dream is to put smiles on each and every one of our Heart to Heart kids! 

The goal is to make each child feel special by giving the same types of gifts for each age group. Every child  will receive a medium sized gift, one outfit with underwear and shoes, a few small items, and candy. 

Would you consider participating in our *Christmas Gift Drive* either through a monetary donation or by purchasing toys / gifts for the children?

If you’d like to purchase the gifts yourself, please choose gifts that are small in size and weight; all presents go to the Children’s Village in suitcases and space is limited. 

Lisa Closner has created the gift idea list for this year:
Colored Pencils, Crayons, Coloring books - all ages even adult coloring books, Nail Kits, Jewelry Kits, Art Kits, Small Lego Kits, Sling Packs, Hot Wheels, Digital Watches, Small perfume/cologne, Manicure Kits, Wind-up flashlights, and Christian Romance Novels - English and Spanish, Soccer shirts/shorts/balls, Outdoor balls, hydro flask-like water bottle 


Volunteers Needed

Looking for a way to be more personally involved with Heart to Heart? Do you live in the greater Portland area?

We need your help assembling the monthly newsletter! This involves folding the letters, stuffing them with envelopes, sealing them closed, and applying labels. 

For more information about this opportunity contact Chris Himm at 503-698-7363 or by email at


Recap of Summer Camp

Several years ago, we implemented a summer activity program for the kids to help them not be bored when there are no school activities for them to focus on.  As one can imagine, 100 pairs of idle hands can lead to some interesting outcomes.  

This year we hired a local pastor who lives in the next town, Johnny to run the program for the boys, and Sodi, our 11th grade Spanish teacher was hired to run the program for the girls.  Each day the kids followed a schedule that included a daily devotional, chores, crafts/games, a sport activity and time in the pool.  Then, after dinner the kids got to watch a movie before going to bed.  The teams that visited the village during the summer participated in the craft/game times and also swam with the kids in the afternoons.  

The last day of the program we celebrated with a trip to the beach.  Unfortunately, we could not get the bus started so we piled as many kids as possible into Oscar’s truck and the team van and we ferried the kids in groups to the beach.  The kids had a great time swimming in the water, finding sand dollars & star fish and digging clams.  They also managed to capture a couple of small crabs.  At the end of the day pizza & pop was brought in so we could finish off with a good meal that our house moms did not have to cook.  


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