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Happy February, everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!  

While Valentine’s Day is not as widely celebrated in Honduras as in the USA, Love is!!  At school, Love is the Fruit of the Spirit for February, with all classes memorizing scripture about Love to be recited at our February All-school Chapel.  As I drove to Church this morning, I saw a bent and broken old man walking along the road, dressed in filthy rags, with a huge sack slung over his back.  It came to me that poverty – lack of food, clothing, shoes, shelter – is not the most debilitating thing that can happen to a person.  It has got to be loneliness – having no one who cares if you make it home each night, no one to share your day, your meals, your heart and your thoughts with. God knew we would need each other, no matter how much or how little of the things of life we obtained.  


I thank Him daily that He has put you and all our H2H Family in my life.  Isaiah 43:4 says, “Since you were precious in My sight, You have been honored, And I have loved you; Therefore I will give men for you, And people for your life. Fear not, for I AM with you.”  Thank you for   being the “people for my life“.   May God bless you, strengthen you, give you His wisdom and healing, and people for your life.  In Jesus’ Name and for His glory, Amen.

Spotlight on Luis Gustavo (Edward)

The spotlight this month is on Luis Gustavo (Edward) Rodriguez.  Luis came to H2H when he was a little boy.  In the ensuing years, we  discovered his love for all things artistic – music,   drawing, painting, sculpting, tile mosaic, dancing, acting, guitar, singing. So, to that end we tried to provide the materials he would need to explore these gifts, and he did not disappoint!

Luis graduated last year from our Bilingual School and is now attending college at Centralia College in Washington State, to pursue a career in architectural engineering.  

When he was home and growing up, in Honduras, he blessed us with his artwork all over the school, singing and playing guitar in H2H Worship, and acting and dancing in all our school programs that included these gifts. 

While his legal name is not Edward, he loves that name and goes by it on his artwork.  It was a love-name his mom used to call him when he was little.  But the most important gift Luis has is the gift of the Holy Spirit, which God gave him when he asked Jesus into his heart years ago.


 Look for great things to come from this young man you have loved, have prayed for and have supported all these years.

When Jesus said they will know you by your fruits, he was referring, down through the years, to our Luis.

Amy's Dream Kids

Rick Stephens arrived Friday, and Saturday, along with our worship team and H2H family helpers, we whisked him off to Chile to love on our growing number of Amy’s Dream Kids.  

We played, sang, spoke the Word and had a wonderful lunch with them.  44 of them start school next Monday and we are providing new backpacks and school supplies for each of them. Thank you to those of you who are sponsoring these precious littles, so that we are able to do this.  

School News

We celebrated Faithfulness in January and introduced the newest member of our school, our mascot – Oswald the Eagle!!! Oswald helped hand out Student of the Month Certificates and led the whole school in our Eagle Cheer!! We also celebrated our 100th Day of School on  January 24th with classroom activities for that event. 

The Spanish School opens on February 7th.  The 3-story structure, inside and out, and the church are getting a new coat of paint, applied by none other than our H2H Church Youth Group of 20+ kids, and our Director Iris Vasquez, and Tio Oscar. It is no easy fete to accomplish all this, as you can see in the pictures here.  The project began during the week on the outside, with the big push being Friday. After they had already done their day of school and jobs and college, they showed up at 3 and worked well into the wee hours of the night, and all-day Saturday.  While we could not do this ministry without you, we also could not do it without the devotion and servanthood of our children, big and little, who know how to serve, how to work.  They are my heroes!!! 

  Our Bilingual School Gym has had a facelift!!  Thanks to the generous help from Paul and Jessie Davis, teachers at our school, and their ministry, “In the Undertow”, we have new basketball standards, a new volleyball net and new balls for each sport.  Our gym was lovingly painted over a 3-4-day period by the Davis family, Paul, Jessica and their daughters, Shea, McKenna, and Lulu. We now have the only covered, lighted, regulation-sized basketball court and volleyball court in Puerto Cortes.  This month Mr. Paul, our Athletic Director and PE teacher, will begin tryouts after school for girls’ and boys’ basketball for both the Bilingual and Spanish Schools.  Stay tuned for upcoming news on our Eagle teams!!   

Over the next few weeks, we will begin putting pictures of each new child on the website so you can pray for them and even consider sponsoring them individually.  


For now, we ask that you prayerfully consider donating to the general fund so we can support this amazing initiative.  Thank you!

Village News

At the village, Oscar has installed the Solar Panels at the Baby/Girls House and is hooking them up to the new batteries, as I write this.  Thank you to each one who helps with this ongoing project to become self-sufficient for our power needs.  


At church this morning, I got to witness, once again, my favorite part of the Sunday School service, our kids taking over the mic to sing praises to our Father! We are so blessed to have our own church where we can raise our children to know God, to come to salvation, and for some, to become disciples to serve Him for the rest of their lives.


February Birthdays

Here are the kids who celebrated birthdays this month.   Would you take a moment and consider praying for them, writing a letter, or even sending them a birthday card?   They would greatly appreciate it!

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