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Overview video

Watch our overview video of Worldwide Heart to Heart to see what H2H exists and how we are raising and loving the orphans, abandoned and abused children in Honduras!

Annual Banquet Keynote Archives (while we don't have all, we have some - enjoy!)

2022 Banquet:  See the keynotes from Oscar, Mary, Rick and some special music

2018 Banquet: See the keynote from Amy Serrano

Santiago - November 2018

Hear directly from Santiago who is 10 years old and what he loves to do!

Miriam - November 2018

Miriam is now 23 years old and has just finished her 2-year degree in education with plans to finish her 4-year degree.  She is currently teaching Kindergarten at the H2H school.   Watch to learn more!

Marisol - October 2018

Marisol is now 19 years old and is working with the first graders at the H2H school and loves helping others.   Watch to learn more!

Alexis - October 2018

Alexis just graduated at the top of his class in High School and has hopes of coming to college in the United States.  We are praying that his visa gets approved and he can begin his next steps.   Learn more about Alexis!

Why H2H built its own school - 2012

Education is a top priority for H2H because it equips the children for the future.   Given how poor the Honduras public schools are and how often the teachers go on strike, we had no choice, but to build a school so we can give our children the best possible chance to succeed in the future.

H2H promotional video

See what H2H is all about!

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