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Our History 

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1998:  Hurricane Mitch Hit Honduras

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2000:  God had a plan and
Worldwide Heart to Heart began.

Oscar was traveling to Puerto Cortes, where he was born, where he met a stranger who told Oscar that he dreamed Oscar was coming the night before he met.  God told this man to help Oscar and he gave 8 acres of land in Tegucigalpita.    This would become the location of the future Children's village where the wonderful children live.


Worldwide Heart to Heart became a registered 501c3 nonprofit in the United States.

Oscar and Amy Serrano along with Mary and Lyle Frenter played a pivotal role in starting the ministry

2003:  Oscar & Amy moved to Honduras

Our Directors, Pastor Oscar and Amy Serrano and family, moved to Honduras to live full time. We began our Meals from the Heart program, feeding 80 children in Puerto Cortes who lived at the dump and on the streets. On Sept. 21, our first 5 boys came to live at our partially finished home in Tegucigalpita.

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2004 - 2009:  The boys, girls and babies homes were finished

Thanks to donations from Mercy Ships, numerous churches and countless individuals, the village was completed and we started housing children, giving them a wonderful, Christ-filled home where they were safe and loved.

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2008:  We built our church

What began as a small Bible Study in the home of our National Directors, Pastor Oscar and Amy Serrano, grew to a congregation of almost 300 in a few months.  So, in 2008 we built a church.


2011 - 2013:  We built the our bilingual school

Teacher strikes in Honduras as a common occurrence.  We had to consider the facts that only 58% of primary school-age students reach the fifth grade and only go to school on average, ~74 days our of 200 due to these strikes.   So we prayerfully decided to take the bold step of opening our own school.   If we were to really give our children a first class education, we had to take education into our own hands. 


2015:  We built a second school

Our school was bursting at the seams because of the quality education and so we purchased a 3 acre lot nearby and built a larger bilingual school which opened in 2016.   In early 2017, the original school was transformed into a Spanish School and between both schools, we now have over 400 students.

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What's next?   Join us!

We don't know what's next for us other than we will continue our mission of loving the Children because Jesus asks us to.   We will do everything we can to raise these wonderful children to be responsible citizens and loving Christians in the country of Honduras.  

Please pray for us and contact us if you would like to get involved!

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We Need Your Support Today!

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