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Ways to Give

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child is the most rewarding way to give. Your donation goes a long ways as all of the children are dependent on donations for all basic needs.

Give where needed

We always have needs that come up and if you give, we will apply your generous donation to where we need it most.

We Need Your Support Today!


Help fund the kids education

Consider helping our children's education.  We are teaching them in our bi-lingual school and preparing them for a bright future.  But it is very expensive, so please help!

Give for the kids' birthdays

There's no better way to bless the children than to give them something special for their birthday. 

Give for



It would be such a blessing if you would please consider donating money or gifts for Christmas. 

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Give for
Laptops for our College Kids

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Please consider donating to our laptop fund as our college kids need laptops!


This was Amy's Dream:  To help kids everywhere in Honduras who desperately needs help!  We are taking our ministry to kids who live at or by the dump who simply can barely make it by themselves.  Please consider helping!


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