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Meet our new children!

We are so excited to welcome 3 new children to our family!  This is the first time that we have been able to add additional children to our wonderful village since 2018!  

Since they are new, we would you please consider adding them to your monthly sponsorship?

Meet Keidy Marili Zelaya Garcia

Keidy is an adorable 3 year old (born June 11, 2019) and loves looking at all the kid books, playing on with the toys and of course going down the slide!

Meet Kerlin Dariel Zelaya Garcia

Kerlin is the cutest 1.5 year old (born Sept 10, 2021) and she loves playing with the toys including some of our riding toys and going down the slide!

Meet Elias Josue Zelaya Garcia

Elias is 5 years old (born May 10, 2017).  He is currently a pre-kindergartner and loves to play with the other kids, reading books, playing on the swing set and of course, swinging!

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