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Hurricane Eta hit Honduras hard and in particular, affected all the Worldwide Heart to Heart properties and operations.  This is from Mary Frenter, President of WWH2H:

  • The flooding is extensive all over Honduras and in Puerto Cortes where we live, to the Guatemalan border where our Children’s Village is located in Tegucigalpita.  Oscar has been checking on everyone. Our kids are all OK, including our 85 Amy’s Dream Club kids and their moms we care for in their homes at the dump in Chile.

  • All of our properties are flooded and have roof leaks – The Village grounds where about 100 of our kids and caregivers live, in PC, our two schools inside and out, our clinic, our church, our Tulian house where 30 of us live with our older teen/young adult girls, our Los Flores coffee farm and La Esperanza vegetable farm in the mountains. I have not heard about our other Tulian house or our San Pedro Sula house where our college girls live.  They have all been with us in PC since last spring. There is no electricity or water, no internet at the time I am writing this. We have two small generators. Yesterday Oscar took them to the Village to keep the pump on our well running to provide water.  


  • We so far know of 200 people who lost everything in the flooding at the town of Tegucigalpeta where our Children’s Village is located. They were moved to a local school which is not flooded.  Oscar and our helpers took them mattresses, clothing and hot meals.

  • The government opened the dam in our area and it completely devastated Baraco, an area close to Puerto Cortes.  We had to rescue Suyapa, Jensi and Olga’s mom from there. We have a crew set up at our Children’s Village to prepare 200 meals for those in Tegucigalpita who need help.  We are preparing 200 meals at our house in Puerto Cortes to take to Baraco. Tomorrow we will open our Bilingual School kitchen and prepare meals there daily to take out to people.

  • All the rivers that flow into the Caribbean by PC and along the highway to the border are flooded.  Homes, livestock have been washed out to sea. Several bridges in the country are gone.The airport in San Pedro Sula is flooded and closed until Wed.



Please help!

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